Post Judgment Matters


Post Judgment Matters

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Once a divorce is finalized, you may have issue or questions. The Panagopoulos Embry P.C. lawyers will work with you to resolve any questions you may have or any other issues related to your divorce. We will continue to work with you after finalization because we understand modifications may be needed.

Some of the issues that may necessitate further legal assistance from your San Diego Family Law Experts include a modification of non-custodial support should one or both parties income change by a large amount (either increased or decreased). You may also need to have child support payments adjusted if the child’s needs have changed which required additional expenses. This could be due to the child getting older, a change of schools, health issues or any number of other possibilities.

The courts will enforce child support payments and they will do whatever is necessary to ensure the child receives the non-custodial support needed. If the non-custodial parent is not making the agreed upon payments, the court may sieze bank accounts or even arrest the non-paying parent if it is necessary. As your San Diego Family Law attorneys, we will work with you on post-judgment matters to ensure your child receives the support they deserve.

Legal assistance is imperative if you are the person behind on child support payments. We have the knowledge and experience to help you settle the issues related to your lack of payment. We can also help you get back to making payments or work within the legal system to get your payments reduced if your circumstances have changed.

You may also feel that the judgement made in your divorce case was not proper or that the ruling will have a profound or adverse impact on your life. If you would like to make an appeal, there are certain procedures that you must follow. As your San Diego Family Law attorneys, we will advise you on how to obtain post-judgment modifications, receive payments through enforcement by the court, and let you know if you have grounds for an appeal.

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