Business Transactions


Our Business Transactions Division

Contacts are written to govern and guide parties to an agreement with respect to their mutual promises. When agreements begin to breakdown, the contract is the first tool used to re-align the parties with their respective promises.

Having legal representation in a business transaction is often the key component to effectuating a successful transaction. By having a qualified attorney, like us at Panagopoulos Embry, represent you in your transaction you can rest assured that your rights, wishes, and intentions are represented. Panagopoulos Embry uses a system processes in each case to safeguard and protect our clients from the pitfalls of contracts or documents with deceptive, ambiguous or archaic language; and the unfortunate consequences of failing to address important contextual factors surrounding the basis for the transaction.

Our Business Transactions division routinely handles a full range of transactions including but not limited to:

Contracts, Negotiable Instruments, Secured Transactions, Debtor-Creditor Transactions, Real Estate Transactions, Leases, and Licenses.