Consumer Rights


Consumer Rights

Most firms that handle bankruptcy start and end with the bankruptcy process.  Our firm is a full-service consumer protection firm.  We defend our clients rights before and after a bankruptcy has been filed.  Our goal is to give you peace of mind and protect you from the unlawful conduct of your creditors.

Federal FDCPA:  Fair Debt Collection Practices Act / California Rosenthal Act

The FDCPA federal law enacted for the regulation of debt collectors and the protection of consumers. The FDCPA sets the ground rules for interactions between debt collectors and the parties they are seeking a debt from.  Generally, collectors are prohibited from the following conduct:  Calling before 8AM or after 9PM; Contact third-parties and tell them about your debt; call you at work; insult you; misrepresent who they are; make false threats about not paying.

If your creditors are in violation of the FDCPA we can help.   Sometimes the violations are so egregious that you can sue the collector.  We can represent you through this and get you some relief.California’s law, the Rosenthal Act parallels the FDCPA.  Many of the same restrictions apply.

Post-Bankruptcy Services

Although the Bankruptcy Laws were enacted to protect consumers from creditors, sometimes the creditors do not obey the laws.  There are times, when, after discharge, servicers bill the debtor for hidden fees.  Sometimes creditors sell discharged debts to debt buyers, who reopen and report those debts to the credit reporting agencies preventing the client from getting the fresh start they thought they would receive through the bankruptcy.  This is not your fault and most of the time it isn’t your attorney’s fault. Creditors, servicers and creditors have regularly engaged in these practices because they are not afraid of the consequences.  Our office provides full bankruptcy litigation services to our clients.

If your creditors are reporting or collecting debts that were discharged in bankruptcy we can make them stop.  We will litigate these issues in the bankruptcy court hitting the creditor where it hurts, their pocket.  Not only can we get the creditor to stop the illegal conduct, sometimes we can fatten your wallet while doing so.

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If you feel that you have been abused by your creditors contact us immediately!  We will schedule an appointment for you to talk to one of our attorneys and help you get the relief you deserve.