The History


The History

Panagopoulos Law P.C., is a full service law firm focused on and dedicated to the responsibility of delivering to our clients the highest quality of justice, in today’s complex legal environment. We approach each case or matter with a unique collaborative strategy which integrates a team of professionals and forensic experts with a broad range of knowledge and expertise to provide our clients with effective solutions, the most up to date legal research, and practical legal guidance.

The firm’s founder, Dimitri Panagopoulos Esq, began his career in 1994 working as a private investigator in Las Vegas, Nevada. He honed his sharp investigation skills, and keen appreciation for detail while earning a degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Nevada Las Vegas while working as an investigator.

At UNLV, Dimitri focused his studies on Organized Crime, Business Crime, White Collar Crime, as well as street crime and the psychological and sociological causes of crime. After college, Dimitri moved to Arizona and opened his own detective agency, which grew beyond himself to include several associates. In 2004, Dimitri began attending law school.

After completing law school and winding down his investigation practice, Dimitri moved to San Diego and founded Panagopoulos Law in 2010. Panagopoulos Law P.C., was founded with a sensitive understanding that business owners are vulnerable to legal complications in more ways than the mere day-to-day transactions and governance of their businesses. Examples of the various exposures that clients face include the reality that government regulation, and criminalization of conduct is constantly on the rise, to the extent that sound business representation must include a sound grasp of the criminal justice system. Likewise, when a business owner suffers personal injuries at the hands of another, in most cases the task of the business owner to prove precisely what their damages are in terms of economic losses in determining adequate compensation is for more complicated than those whose economic losses are limited to an easily verifiable pay stub. Of equal importance, business owners can also suffer from both financial setbacks necessitating the relief of the Bankruptcy Court and personal relationship breakdowns that require Family Court intervention. As such, Dimitri geared the firm to meet these multifaceted client needs.

In April, 2013, Dimitri completed his LL.M degree, which is a post law school graduate degree reflecting specialized knowledge in a dedicated area of law. Dimitri’s LL.M is in the realm of representing small businesses and their owners. The curriculum he studied was focused on advanced studies in the areas of taxation, entity selection, corporate governance, business succession planning, tort liability, and contract negotiation strategies.

In July, 2013 Dimitri finalized a strategic alliance with a long time friend and respected colleague Ben Embry and Panagopoulos Law P.C. became Panagopoulos Embry P.C.

This foundation, together with each attorney’s longstanding respective legal backgrounds allows the firm to provide a broad, but sharply focused, range of representation in matters impacting small businesses and their owners. These practice areas include: all criminal cases whether Business and White Collar type criminal situations, or other crimes; the full gamut of Business and Corporate law, Business Succession Planning & Estate Planning, Bankruptcy matters, Family law and Personal Injury matters.

Panagopoulos Embry P.C. is a results driven firm, where our reputation for success is a fundamental cornerstone of our practice. Please call or email us with any questions.