Initial Conference


Panagopoulos Embry P.C. believes in establishing solid relationships with its clients.

Each initial conference is structured to achieve this through candid discussion and analysis of the client’s matter. Our approach recognizes that there are legal, social, moral, and financial facets to many of the matters that bring our clients to us. The initial conference is designed to allow you and your lawyer to get to know each other, and build a dialogue that allows your lawyer to develop a solid factual understanding of the matter.

During your conference you will have plenty of time to discuss your case, ask questions, and receive the advice and counsel of your attorney. Generally included as part of your initial conference, you will receive in the mail from your lawyer, a letter which memorializes the discussion you had; as well as the advice given to you. Included in that letter will also be any post conference research findings that may effect the discussion between you and your lawyer. Also included, when necessary and appropriate, your lawyer will submit a position letter to other parties involved in your matter.

Finally, included with your intial conference you receive a fifteen minute follow-up telephone conference with your lawyer to discuss anything pertaining to your matter that you may have remembered after you you have left the intial conference.

Depending on the nature of the client’s matter there is a nominal fee for an initial conference at Panagopoulos Embry P.C. While many other firms offer a “no charge” initial conference, those conferences are often limited in the amount of time an attorney will spend with you, and generally require payment for any subsequent correspondence resulting from the conference, or follow up conferences.   However, in most cases where the client hires Panagopoulos Embry P.C. after the initial conference the nominal fee is waived and applied to the clients retainer.

Panagopoulos Embry P.C. fosters a business model that promotes both paramount client service and appreciable value for our clients.