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The Story of the Shield Bearer

The legal profession has arguably been around since the beginning of man. However, at least as early as the 12th century there is recorded history of groups of men who were considered to possess particular knowledge and who took on the roles of legal advisors and court advocates. A common method of resolving disputes in and about the 12th century up through the middle-ages was through the use of the “Trial” however, the trials were decided by physical battle between the disputants. The prevailing wisdom at the time was that God would reward the righteous with victory. Obviously there were problems with this might made right system and the tribunals of the time addressed the disparity. Those who were physically infirm, elderly , or children, were allowed to retain “Champions” to represent them in their battles. The “bar”barians may even be considered the first “bar” association. Thereafter, it became the practice to settle disputes through the use of these advocates.

Fast forwarding to today, we see similarities, in that while trials are arguably no longer about who can physically beat down their opponent, lawyers today are constantly put to the physical paces of out-thinking, out-running, and out-lawyering the opponent. Most lawyers, thank goodness, have surrendered their swords for pens, however one principle remains completely intact as it did nearly 800 years ago, the lawyer, the champion, is there to bear the shield and protect the client.

The term modern lawyers attach to their name “esquire” or “ESQ” historically comes from French and European origins and means shield bearer. Our logo was inspired by the historical role that lawyers have always occupied, specifically to shield their clients from overbearing adversaries, and our commitment to the relentless pursuit of justice for our clients. Panagopoulos Embry P.C. hopes you find our website to be a resource for our basic questions, and we invite you to email us if you would like to discuss anything in particular that is not addressed within the website.
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