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Panagopoulos Embry P.C. is a full-service law firm focused on and dedicated to the responsibility of delivering to our clients the highest quality of justice in today’s complex legal environment. We approach each case or matter with a unique collaborative strategy. This approach integrates a team of legal professionals and forensic experts with a broad range of knowledge and expertise. Our experienced team is able to provide our clients with effective solutions using the most up-to-date legal research and practical legal guidance. Whether your case involves San Diego Family Law, Business Law or San Diego Immigration Law (or any of our other practice areas), Panagopoulos Embry P.C. is here to provide the legal guidance you need.

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business law

Bankruptcy Law

We provide useful counsel for anyone faced with chapter 7, 11, or 13 bankruptcies. We know it is a difficult decision for individuals, families or businesses to make and we are dedicated to finding solutions for our clients.

business law

Business Law

Our team of Business Law attorneys are experienced and able to handle all of your Business Law needs from organization to disputes and transactions as well as and succession mergers or winding down.

criminal law

Criminal Law

A criminal allegation is a very serious matter, from infractions to dangerous felonies and white collar matters. If you find yourself faced with criminal allegations, turn with trust to the team of lawyers at Panagopoulos Embry P.C.

estate planning

Estate Planning

We represent Trustees, Executors, and Beneficiaries in a wide variety of matters including, probate, and trust administration matters. Our team of Estate Planning experts understands the subtle nuances of Estate Planning and will do their best to offer the best advice possible.

criminal law

Family Law

From custody battles to parental planning, we know that family issues can be difficult. Turn to Panagopoulos Embry P.C., your San Diego Family Law experts.

personal injury

Immigration Law

Our San Diego Immigration Law team is knowledgeable about the various means to gain legal permanent residence. If you would like to discuss your case, or learn how to help a family member who would like to become a legal resident, contact us. We are happy to speak with you concerning Immigration Laws.

personal injury

Personal Injury

If you or a loved one was injured through negligence or a direct act by another person or business, you may be eligible for compensation. Panagopoulos Embry P.C. has a team of lawyers with the experience you need to help you obtain the compensation due you.


Panagopoulos Embry Clients

Panagopoulos Embry P.C. provides comprehensive representation to individuals, and small business owners and entrepreneurs. Our practice model is designed to help clients navigate the many facets of today’s complicated legal system which affects their businesses, families, and their legacy. The unique skill set of our team of legal professionals brings together into one place the broad range of experience and knowledge necessary to deliver the highest quality of legal representation in the following core practice areas:   Bankruptcy, Business & Corporate Law, Estate Planning, Personal Injury and Family Law for San Diego.

A representative sample of the occupations and businesses of clients whom we presently represent include: Vineyard Owners, Landscaping Contractors, General Contractors, Attorneys, Judges, Accountants, University Professors & Faculty, Law Enforcement Personnel, Financial Advisors, Bank Executives, Logistics & Shipping Companies, School Teachers, Medical Doctors, Nurses, Retail Executives, Restaurant Owners, Music Producers, Actors and Entertainers, Engineers, Geologists, and Beauticians.